Our story



SUB 51 was born out of Sebastian and Philly’s love for the British Countryside. Having both grown up in farming families, we have a strong connection with the land. For generations both families have proactively invested in land by planting trees, regenerating heather and peatland bogs, and relaying hedgerows.

As custodians of the countryside we believe we have found a way to make a direct difference to the current climate change crisis by protecting and improving the environment.

Businesses are starting to think about adjusting their business plans to incorporate sustainability but the current options lack traceability. SUB 51 offers a direct way to increase carbon capture — through funding to protect existing capture, create additional capture and diversify into sustainable farming practices.

There is a desire from landowners to invest in their land (although understandably not at the loss of their current income) so these credits will provide a dedicated long-term income stream to those in charge of carbon sinks.

We firmly believe this structure is key to reducing the negative impacts of climate change successfully for future generations.

Our portfolio of farms and estates



SUB 51 is a forward-thinking business and we believe in giving back to local communities in which we have generated revenue. We have therefore decided to donate 1% of our yearly profit to charities within the local community. Our charity policy will be reviewed yearly.